Shoulders Together

There are a lot of steps that goes into an AMBUCS ramp build. I will try and line out how we do it.

1 A person wth a disability issue or family member or a physical therapist contacts us and requests our help. 

2 An AMBUC will go to the location where the ramp is needed and evaluate the terrain. (The ground may be sloping away from the entrance to the home) Ramps can only slope 5 degrees, so sometimes the configurations can get tricky. We may start out going downhill, put in a turnaround box and head back uphill. The AMBUC must measure and design the ramp on site. A lot of times there is a specific location where they want the ramp to end. 

3 Once the ramp has been designed and we know how long it is going to be, the lumber, screws, and lag bolts are ordered and delivered to our headquarters.

4 We build ramps in sections 8', 10', and 12'. Usually 2 AMBUCS will meet during the week at the headquarter and prebuild the boxes needed for the ramp. The box is either 4'x8',  4'x10', or  4'x12', using 2"x6" boards with cross-supports.

5 Finally the day of construction arrives. The crew arrives at HQ at 8:00 AM, 7:00 AM in July and August. The plywood, boxes, all the handrail and support material is loaded onto a trailer and strapped down.

6 Traveling to the construction usually takes 20 minutes to an hour.

7 At the construction site there is usually some demolition needed. (Removing existing decks, ramps, stairs, railing, etc.) 

8 We unload the trailer and attach the first box to the house.

9 As we start attaching additional sections we apply the plywood floor and handrails to the previous sections. Handrails and all supports are cut on site to insure the handrails are 35" high all the way down.

10 After construction is complete we rout the edges of the handrails so they are smooth and splinterless and a metal plate is installed at the foot of the ramp to aid the user when wheelchairs are used. The final touch is a nameplate with our phone number so they can call us if they have any issues.

11 We load up all our tools, scrap lumber, debris from the demolition and head back to HQ.

We did this over 30 times last year.

National Ambucs